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Welcome to Tazkats Persians, pedigree Persian cats lovingly bred in Sittingbourne, Kent



Tazkats Tallulla Belle

Longhair Cream & Blue-Cream Cat Association 7th March 2020
At her first kitten show where she had a RED CARD DAY, she adored all the attention.

Results: 1st & Best of Breed & 2 x 1st in the side classes

Ch Tazkats Velvet Teddy

Made up at East Sussex show 2018

Ch Ladygem Fleur De Lis

National Cat Club
12th December 2015

This was her first show and what a dream she was, Fleur was loved by every one.
She gained CC Best of Breed and she had a  Red Card Day.

Eastern Longhair & Semi Longhair Cat Club 
9th January 2016
Best of Breed & CC 

The Capital Long Hair Cat Association
Best of Breed & CC 

Champion Ladygem Fleur -De -Lis gained her title in three consecutive shows at the young age of 11 months.

Exotic Show
5 March 2016
 Res. Grand and Best of Breed. 1st, 2nd and 3rd

London C C
19 March 2016
1st. Grand and Best of Breed. 2 x 1st a Red Card Day

Surrey & Sussex C A
19 March 2016
2nd. Grand and Best of Breed. 2 x 1st a Red Card Day

We are so proud of this gorgeous girl, with so many quality cats on the day.

Gr Ch Demelza Tazkats Jake
Very proud home of Gr Ch Demelza Tazkats Jake

The Kentish
Grand Premier Silvercloud Angeleyes (39)





Ch Ladygem Chardennay (12a2t)

Demelza Tazkats Jake (12a5)

IGP Mystere Making a Splash (11)

Mr J Hansson
Bi-Colour Kitten:
1st & BOB DOBSON’S Demelza Tazkats Jake. 12a 5. 27-02-12. Red, impressive & well developed kitten showing a very good masculine appearance for his age. Head has broad rounded shape, excellent breadth & fullness to his cheeks, broad rounded skull, deep stop, short snub nose, nose leather has good shape with good size nostrils of equal size, broad chin of good depth, minimally undershot. Ears are a smaller size, set wide apart & low, well furnished interiors, these are neat & tidy, slightly straight edge on one ear! Lovely eyes, large, well open round shape, intense bright orange colour. Body has excellent weight & substance to his compact body, low on his strong legs, wonderful bone, large tufted paws, full bushy tail of balanced shorter length. Beautifully prepared coat of excellent length with a full of life quality which stands away from the body, excellent texture, with a very good amount of frill present. Beautifully clean white areas, showing goo bright red colour on the face & ears, splash of white on his brow, red on the lower back & tail still showing some tail rings, with a red patch on his shoulders & a patch of red on each back leg. He was in superb condition & was a very relaxed & amicable lad, later Best Persian Kitten congratulations.
3 other Firsts.

Maidstone & Medway Cat Club
15th December 2012

AC Tabby/Smoke/Cameo & White Adult Male – Judge Mrs J Smith
BOB – Demelza Tazkats Jake (12a5t)
CC – Demelza Tazkats Jake (12a5t)

A lovely red tabby and white male only just an adult, good physique and well grown. Broad top of head, neat well placed ears, large round dark orange eyes, short nose, apple cheeks and firm chin. Rich red tabby against pristine white, tabby to face and some patches to back and a very short red tabby tail. It was lovely to see a well turned out exhibit.

Jake got his first Grand at the Croyden 9th Feb 2013,
so in four shows and at 11 months he has done really well!
Also got 2X1sts and 1X3rd in large side classes.

GR CC MRS G DOBSON’S CH DEMELZA TAZKATS JAKE (12a5t) M 27/2/12 – Red Tabby and White of good size and shape. Round head with good width between well furnished ears. Round expressive copper eyes. Short snub nose with good stop and full leather. Good bite. Full cheeks firm chin. Well prepared coat. Deep red with sparkling white. White chest, underparts and feet. He has a nicely patched face. Tabby markings diffused today due to fullness of coat. Tail in proportion to his body.

Got his 2nd Gr Ch at the Surrey & Sussex Cat Association 16th March 2013 plus 1st, he was against GR CH SHEERBLISS STARLITEDANCER (70 30 7) who got the Imperial in the Championship Class, he got the 2nd & 3rd went to CH TUFTON BEAUBATONS (70 12 1). We now have to wait to see if I come home with a GRAND CHAMPION at the next show, FINGERS CROSSED.

Jake won his 3rd Gr Ch & TITLE OF GRAND CHAMPION at the Essex CC Show on the 13th April 2013. I am SO PROUD of my gorgeous boy!

Ch Ladygem Athena

Ch Ladygem Athena

Ch Ladygem Athena

Maidstone & Medway CC
December 2013
Red Card Day, 1st in the Open & 3x 1st
Capital Longhair CC
January 2014
Red Card Day, 1st BOB in the open & 3 x 1st 
Croydon CC
February 2014
Red Card Day, 1st in the open & 3 x 1st 
March 2015
2 CC's
Essex Cat show
April 2015
1st & BOB 

I would like to say a big thank you to Margaret for entrusting me with this beautiful girl.

Ladygem Athena gained her Champion title at the Essex show April 2015,  this was achieved in 3 straight shows.

Ch Demelza Tazkats-Maximilian

Ch Demelza Tazkats-Maximilian

Ch Demelza Tazkats-Maximilion

Croydon Cat Club February 2015 1st & Best of Breed, a 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Bedford Cat Club & Cambridge Cat Club 25th April 2015 2 x CC, 1st & Best of Breed, Best of Variety Persian, and OVERALL BEST PERSIAN at Cambridge CC
Suffolk and Norfolk Cat Club 16th May 2015 1st, CC and BOB in the open and a RED CARD DAY. He bacame a champion at 9 months old.
The Long Hair & Semi Longhaired Cat Club 3rd October 2015 GRAND, BOB, a second and a third
Kentish Cat Show
17th October 2015
Reserve Grand, BOB, 1st & 2nd

Max gained 2 CC's and Best of Variety Persian & went on to gain OVERALL BEST PERSIAN (Cambridge CC). He was exactly 9 months old on the day.

A great day at the Suffolk & Norfolk 16/05/2015 where Ch Demelza Tazkats-Maximillian PER a 03 21 had a Red Card Day, 1st BOB his 3rd CC gaining his Champion title at the young age of 9 months old. 

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